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د افغانستان د بانکونو ټولنه
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Afghanistan Banks Association

Mr. Najibullah Amiri

Executive Director

Mr. Najibullah Amiri completed his LL.B (honors) degree, which is equivalent to Master degree from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan in Feb 1997.
Mr. Amiri is currently serving as Executive Director, Afghanistan Banks Association [ABA]. He has been associated with the ABA since 2006 and has served in different capacities. From Jan 2006 - 2011, he served as General Secretary ABA. Later subsequent to restructuring of ABA, from year 2012-2016, he worked as Deputy Executive and Manager Administration/Finance and then in late 2016 in recognition of his performance in shouldering higher responsibilities he was promoted to the position of Executive Director of ABA.
During his tenure with ABA, he has had hallmark achievements for the Association and banking sector and demonstrated professionalism and commitment to the progress organization. Despite, he successfully forged strategic alliances with international and local organizations to strengthen ABA output.
Mr. Najibullah Amiri, prior to joining Afghanistan Banks Association, worked for UNOPS as the National Regional Logistic Coordinator (NRLO) for the implementation of logistic support on Afghanistan ‘s first ever Presidential and then parliamentary election in the Eastern Region -8 ( Nangarhar, Laghman, Nuristan and Kunar Provinces). Amiri’s responsibilities was to coordinate and execute logistical, financial as well as administrative functions concerning the setup and running of the election process. This was a massive job, which included formulating and managing of subcontracts, procurements, staffing and array of other logistical functions.
Prior to UNOPS, from Jan 2001 - August 2002, he worked as Master Trainer with OMAR (Organization for Mine Clearance and Afghan Rehabilitation (OMAR).

Mr. Amiri demonstrated a high degree of loyalty in his service to the membership and has been instrumental in ensuring that the issues raised by the membership are properly addressed by the Authorities, in particular Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB -Central Bank of Afghanistan).

Mr. Amiri has participated in many national and international conferences, workshops and committees and significantly contributed in various forums such as SIBOS, Credit information Bureau (CIB), Public Collateral Registry ( PCR), various standing committees , ABA/MoF coordination committee, DAB Cheque Clearing House , Banking and Finance Committee of DAB (under structure of PriSec) and more.
He visited United State of America, Republic of Poland, France, Bangladesh and India. He is fluent in English, Pashto and Dari.