Afghanistan Banks Association

د افغانستان د بانکونو ټولنه
Afghanistan Banks Association
Voice of The Banks

Afghanistan Banks Association

Membership of the Association:

Members of the Association may only be banks duly licensed by DAB, and have their offices located in Afghanistan.
Members of the Association and any such other banks as from time to time are admitted to membership as hereinafter provided shall be subscriber to and signatories to these articles.

Member of the Association shall be classified as follows:

1-Founder Members:

Founder members shall be the banks/persons who, attended the founder’s meeting and shall in all other respects be regarded as Full members.

2-Full Members:

Full Members shall be banks/persons who, in the opinion of ABA Management Board, have professional standing and recognized banking service. Banks/persons may only become Full Members once they have applied and paid the initial application fee.

Founder Members of Association:

1. Afghanistan International Bank
2. Kabul Bank
3. National Bank of Pakistan
4. Pashtany Bank
5. The First MicroFinanceBank

Full Members of Association:

1. Afghanistan International Bank (AIB)
2. Afghan United Bank (AUB)
3. Azizi Bank (AZ)
4. Islamic Bank of Afghanistan
5. Bank-E-Millie Afghan (BMA)
6. Bank Alfalah Ltd (BAL)
7. Ghazanfar Bank (GB)
8. New Kabul Bank (NKB)
9. Maiwand Bank
10. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
11. Pashtany Bank
12. The First MicroFinanceBank (FMFB)